Media Clips

Ali Hears the News

When news broke, Ali knew he was a suspect. The murders took place during a turbulent period of rebellion on in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The local police would follow and interrogate Ali and his friends often.

The Revolution Movement

The Revolution Movement had its supporters & its opposition in St Croix in 1972.
For the very first time, watch this exclusive clip of Ali sharing his theory about being a revolutionary at the time.

Watch for yourself and decide if justice was served.

The Manhunt

The manhunt begins in the early morning where officers searched for Ali and several others accused in the Fountain Valley shooting.

The Manhunt Continues

The Virgin Island police and the FBI take to the hills looking for Ali.

What's In A Name

Ali explains how and why he changed his name.

The Embargo

Michael Ratner describes the embargo with Cuba and the recent changes that have occured.